How We Think

Our corporate philosophy draws together years of discoveries as to what clients usually and truly need of external consultants.

Thoughtful Selection

We take great care in selecting only those projects where we can add the most value and which offer a best fit in terms of our expertise, sector knowledge and experience, time and our assessment of the chances of delivering a successful outcome. Not to do this would be doing a disservice to both ourselves and our clients.

Deep Integration

Many consultants and advisors prefer to stay on the edge of their clients' challenges and businesses. We prefer the opposite. We believe that sound strategic and operational advice can only come from gaining a deep knowledge and understanding of a client and their business or idea.

Delivery and Implementation

At Cintiria, we much prefer to be part of the delivery and implementation of any plan that we help devise. In this way, our clients see that we are prepared to stand-by our own advice and support them whilst they navigate through their period of development, crisis or change.

Driving Results

A plan can only be judged practically on the results that come from putting it into action. How the plan is implemented, by whom, and how it is adapted to cope with unforeseen events, plays a very significant role in the outcome and success. We are with our clients at every step of the way.