What We Do

We service our clients’ needs for advice on strategy, business development, project management and assistance with effective and efficient operations.

Cintiria adopts a responsive and dynamic approach, mixed with a spirit of intellectual adventure, a strong track record, and a relentless pursuit of finding solutions.


We support entrepreneurs and business leaders across the world in defining and evaluating commercial strategies and bringing ideas, plans and projects to life.

As close advisors, we can help companies define their vision, their mission and their strategy, whether they are starting a business or transitioning towards a new business model or entering a fresh segment of the market.

All this needs to be done against a backdrop of rapid technological advancement, unprecedented social change and the economic uncertainty of our times.

We advise at board-level to help business leaders determine the best way forward, so as to build and deliver long-term shareholder value.


Cintiria's clients seek our guidance in evaluating ideas, concepts, opportunities and in making major strategic decisions. We advise both business initiators and business leaders.

Our clients range from owners, boards of directors, project and the operational staff of established businesses groups through to small groups of enthusiastic entrepreneurs or more seasoned entrepreneurs and start-up teams who are looking to build the next Unicorn.

They all seek advice on transitioning from where they are today to where they want to be tomorrow.


We adopt an approach of entrepreneurial and pro-active engagement, with positivity and an attitude of professional spirit of adventure, and all solidly backed by a strong record of achievement and a powerful desire to succeed.


Our role is to support our clients by providing strategic insight, identifying both risks and opportunities, evaluating, structuring, building teams, or restructuring them, as well as devising detailed plans, and then still being there to assist in implementation.

Long-Term Thinking

We like to engage with clients in the expectation of establishing long-term cooperation. We find that this approach helps us to better balance and temper the advice we give our clients. It’s one thing to advise on the basis of getting paid and moving on. It is quite another offering up a strategy and ideas and staying connected in order to help make it happen.