Natural Resources

Resource Extraction


Cintiria’s consultants have been involved with three categories of mining: Coal, Gold and Seabed.


Cintiria is no longer accepting assignments in fossil fuel sector but the experience gained from previous work has proved invaluable.

Colombia’s coal sector not only faces the challenge of global market forces, but also sever logistical challenges given that most of its higher quality coal deposits are very far from ports, especially those geared to thermal coal which are located on the Caribbean coast.

Cintiria was included in a multinational assignment initiated by a southern coal mining group in Colombia to review south-north transportation corridors, including use of very large barges that could transit the main riverways.


West Africa continues to be a developing zone for mining gold, as it transitions from mainly unregulated and ungoverned mining into more formal state-controlled sectors. Working with these emerging mining nations brings challenges and satisfaction as working methods improve and lives are saved along with increased efficiency.

Cintiria has supported clients in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana.

We are also advising on a gold-trading start-up bridging UAE and Thailand.


Mining polymetallic nodules lay in a dense carpet across for hundreds of square kilometres across the seabed off Hawaii – the Clarion Clipperton Zone.

Using huge water powered vacuum lifts, modules can be harvested off the seabed and pumped up to a collection vessel on the service ready to be shipped on onshore processing.

Cintiria supported a Canadian-based client that is a sector leader.