How We Operate

Every consultancy firm has their own way of approaching things. At Cintiria our approach stems from our collective, corporate mindset.


We have learnt over the years not to rush at accepting assignments from clients. Just as we always suggest to potential clients that they avoid automatically jumping at using our services.

The client / advisor relationship at high level is delicate, nuanced and everaged on intellectual chemistry and understanding as much as anything else. Clients and their advisors need to ensure they match. If they do, there are no real limits to how far and how successful the dialogue can take them even if there seems to be some minor deficiencies in sector experience or other dynamics. Solid cooperation and close engagement most often trump a perfect score based on theoretical suitability.

Appropriate Experience

Cintiria prides itself on being able to draw upon a very wide and deep pool of experience to support its clients. However, no advisory firm, no matter now large, can claim to have experts on-hand to provide consultancy services across absolutely every sector of business.

What is important to agile companies like Cintiria are three things. Firstly, having a multi-disciplined core team of consultants and advisors who are each broadly-based in terms of their knowledge and expertise. Secondly, through previous assignments and experiences, having an extended network of specialist who can be drawn upon when needed, and thirdly, having the confidence and integrity to face the prospective client on occasions and inform them that the company is just not a good fit for the task in hand.


Cintiria uses its senior advisors as front-line pathfinders when engaging with a new client. These fledgling relationships means a lot to us and we always lead from the top.

It is our senior advisors who evaluate and assess the task. Then, Cintiria will deploy the right tailored team to fulfil the assignment.

Continual Assessment and Confirmation

It is hardly ever good for a client when an advisor or consultant gets on with the task without regular opportunity for both review and assessment. At Cintiria we insist on very regular reviews – why? Firstly, we don’t want to waste any time (ours or the client’s) by following an inappropriate or unimportant direction or discovering too late that we were assuming something that was incorrect. Secondly, and more importantly, we nearly always find that the client reassesses what they need us to do based on these periodic reviews. This is what advisory is all about. Not only finding ways to achieve an objective but helping the client realise what it is they are trying to achieve even if the original brief was not fully thought through.

Seeing It Through

We always offer to work with our clients to implement what we advise them to do. We do not like advising and then walking away.