We know the business world is changing.

Money and ideas are constantly on the move.

Are you seeing the future of your business clearly enough?

Welcome to the Cintiria Group, a multi-hub, agile advisory house providing management consultancy, strategic advice and project management services. We are also very well placed to assist clients with their management of abrupt change, an increasing requirement in these uncertain times.

Our experienced team is here to assist organisations evaluate and solve issues, create value, maximise growth and improve business performance. We apply ourselves in a focused manner to the challenges our clients face across the spectrum of strategy, structure, development, management, finance and business operations.

  • business strategy, structuring & development
  • change management
  • product definition & realisation
  • financial and management controls
  • e-business
  • information technology
  • marketing and social media outreach
  • supply chain management & trade

Despite being smaller than many major consultancy firms, we punch well above our weight and clients value our unusually close ‘immersion’ relationship approach – we tend to be asked to become deeply involved and stay to implement what we have advised should happen. We are delighted with the feedback we receive by using this approach.


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